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MexLucky purchases non-ferrous and ferrous metals for end of life recycling.

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Environmental conservation is the foundation of MexLucky.

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Recycling Materials Lead To Environmental Sustainability

About GLE Scrap

A premier scrap metal and electronics recycler, MexLucky performs environmentally-friendly processing and recycling of ferrous & non-ferrous metals. We purchase, process, and re-integrate these materials.

Family-owned and operated, we maintain a zero-landfill policy for metals brought to us for recycling in order to efficiently utilize natural resources and help conserve energy. Learn more about our scrap metal recycling process!

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Non-Ferrous Processing

Ferrous Processing

Brokerage & Trading

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Scrap Metal News

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Clamshell grabbing and sorting scrap metal in a scrap metal recycling plant

How to Get The Best Value When Sorting Scrap Metal

In a world increasingly conscious of sustainability and resource conservation, the practice of recycling and

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How a Circular Economy Model Benefits Your Construction Company

It’s no secret that the construction and demolition (C&D) industry produces A LOT of waste.

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